Love One Another

Photo Credit: Pixabay User

A poem I wrote a a reminder that we are all part of the same human race:

Red, yellow, black or white,
Whether you’re skin is dark or light,
You have a purpose here on this earth,
You have value, your life is worth,
More than money, diamonds or gold,
Stand up proud and be bold,
For God created each of us,
For this reason, we make a fuss,
When one of us is in danger,
Whether they’re a friend or stranger,
We stand together with one voice,
To love each other is our choice.
We do not choose to suffer alone
When our brothers and sisters moan
With tears of agony we all cry,
When to another we must say goodbye.
Stand strong together to fight this war
And remember what we’re fighting for.
We all are people as you can see,
We fight together for equality.
In the end the truth is this,
You are my brother and my sis.
You are beautiful inside and out,
I know this is true, without a doubt.
God loves me and He loves you,
For this reason, I love you too.

Copyright June 2020

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