Pain comes in many shapes and sizes, you see,

The pain that you feel when you’ve been stung by a bee,

There’s also the pain when someone tells you a lie,

Or when you must tell your best friend ‘goodbye.’

When your heart is broken by a person you love.

Or you fell and got hurt when someone gave you a shove.

Dealing with death or the lose of a pet,

Or watching someone you love be really upset.

Being rejected or passed up for a job,

Is something that makes you want to sob.

When feelings get hurt and your heart is a mess,

You try to manage and not settle for less.

Often times when we feel pain,

We think that we might be going insane.

Emotions and feelings overwhelm us,

We might even feel like we’ve been hit by a bus.

These pains in the moment seem not easy to bare,

Especially, when others don’t seem to care.

But when you look back, when it’s all said and done,

You faced these pains, though it was not fun.

You’re stronger than you thought in the face of pain,

Though your strength and courage, you cannot explain.

Whether or not you face them alone by choice,

In pain and suffer you can rejoice.

Though pain is not something most people would choose,

It’s often a vessel our God will use,

To teach us to trust him so we know he’s here,

And never forget that he’s always near.

Remember the next time pain starts to burn,

There may be something you need to learn.

Though your suffering seems unneeded then,

It’s possible you’ll discover something within.

Don’t give up or quit in these times.

Instead, choose to be the one who climbs,

Up from the pit that pain drops you in.

Stay strong, make the choice, and you will win.

Copyright July 2018

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