Chasing Butterflies


As I lay here in the darkness,
While sleep continues to evade me.
My mind floating from thought to thought,
Like a butterfly in a flower garden.

One moment I’m thinking of food,
Cooking in my new kitchen.
The next, I’m making a list of things to do,
Before the ever anticipated move.

There are so many things that rush through my mind,
It’s impossible to write them all down.
I spend hours and hours,
Failing to accomplish this task.

Staring into the dark abyss,
That is my bedroom,
I start to count my breaths,
Awaiting the inevitable coming of the morning light.

Eleven o’clock, two o’clock,
Three o’ clock, four.
I really don’t think,
I can take this anymore.

Just as I am about to give up,
I suddenly feel,
Something so surreal,
As I begin to slip away.

Dreamland here I, finally, come.
One thing constantly remains true,
When I finally drift off to sleep,
I’m always thinking of you.

Copyright June 2018

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