Thief in the Night


You come as a thief in the night.
Slipping in quickly when there is no light.
Stealing from everyone
Under the sun
Since when you had first begun.

No one can catch you
Though many pursue.
You’re often wasted away
While people have fun and play.
They don’t know you’re coming until it’s too late.

On the fascination of your end,
Much of you, do people spend.
Trying to calculate
A very specific date
That is unknown to everyone.

In our lives we spend you waiting,
Constantly anticipating
The things that will happen next
Leaving many people perplexed.
And wondering why you even exist.

A thief in the night is what you are
Throughout the ages, you have traveled so far.
Though I am here now,
When I take my final bow,
You will continue to exist long after, from this life, I am dismissed.

Copyright May 2018

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