The Vessel

dream boat

“My child, what are you doing?”

“I’m sailing on the Atlantic Ocean.”

The mother looked at her daughter with confusion stretched across her face. “What do you mean, little one?”

“Mommy, I am a little busy right now. There is a storm coming and we have to prepare.”

Amazed at what her daughter had just told her, she looked out the window as the sun was beginning to sink below the horizon. The sky was filled with beautiful shades of pink, blue, purple, and red. But there wasn’t a single cloud to be seen for miles.

“I don’t see storm clouds. Are you sure there is a storm coming?” She asked her daughter, growing more and more curious about what her daughter was talking about.

“Of course, Mommy. We will be approaching the triangle soon. Daddy said there is always a storm in the triangle.”

Walking over to the rocking chair on the other side of the room, her mother sat down and thought for a moment. Then she asked, “Daddy told you about the Bermuda Triangle?”

“Yes! He said it is a very exciting place in the middle of the ocean. He told me it was surrounded by mystery and if I wanted to visit, I needed to be very careful!”

“Why would you want to visit the Bermuda Triangle?” Her mother questioned and thought to herself, Why is your father telling you about such places?

Her daughter stopped what she was doing and looked at her mother. With a voice filled with innocence and an expression to match, she replied, “To see the world, Mommy.”

“To see the world? But how are you going to see the world, baby? You are still in your bedroom.”

“Daddy told me a secret,” she replied and went back to work preparing for the storm.

Her mother watched as she sat there in the middle of her bed waiting for her to reveal this big secret. After she didn’t speak, her mother asked, “What is the secret, little one?”

“Mommy, Daddy said it is a secret. I can’t tell secrets.”

At this point, her mother was a little concerned and very confused. “But I am your mommy. You can’t tell me?”

“I don’t want Daddy to be angry with me.” She replied without moving.

“Oh Sweetie, Daddy loves you. He can’t be angry with you. You are his little girl.”

The little girl stopped and thought about it for a second. Then turned to look at her mother. “Mommy, do you really want to know the secret?”

“Yes, Sweetie. I do.” She said gently smiling. “Will you tell me?”

The little girl thought about it a little longer as a smile began to creep across her face making her look like an angel in the dim light of her bedroom. Her mother sat there waiting patiently to see if she would be let in on this big secret. Then her daughter jumped off her bed and walked over to her mother. She climbed up on her lap and wrapped her arms around her mother’s neck and gave her a big hug.

She smiled and looked into her mother’s eyes, the little girl sat up straight and began to speak. “Daddy told me I can share the secret with the people I love and who love me. I love you, Mommy.”

“I love you too.” Replied her mother, pulling her close for a big hug.

“I know, Mommy.” She said innocently. “That is why I am going to tell you Daddy’s secret. But you have to promise not to tell anyone who doesn’t love you back. Promise?” She extended her little pinky finger towards her mother.

“I promise, Sweetie. I won’t tell anyone who doesn’t love me in return.” She said as she linked pinkies with her daughter and they both kissed their own thumb with pinkies intertwined.

“Okay, Mommy. Here is Daddy’s secret.”

Her mother listened intently, not knowing what to expect.

“See that, Mommy.” She asked pointing at her bed.

Her mother nodded but didn’t say anything.

“I know it looks like a bed, but it’s not.”

“It’s not?” her mother asked, faking a surprised expression to hide her confusion about where her daughter was going with this.

“No. It’s a ship!” She announced proudly. “But not like the kind you find in the water. It is a special ship. It can take you anywhere!”

“Really? Are you sure about that?” He mother asked not wanting to discourage her.

“Yes! But it is special because it runs on magic.”

“Magic?” He mother repeated in question form.

“Daddy told me about a special kind of magic that everyone has. But he said that not everyone knows how to use it. But if we practice, we can master the magic and travel anywhere in our special ship.”

Still really confused, her mother asked, “What kind of magic did daddy tell you about, Sweetie?”

“He said it is called imagination and it is a really special magic that can only be used to power the ship.”

Smiling bigger now as she began to understand, “That’s amazing, Sweetie. You know how to use the magic of imagination to power the ship?”

Her daughter looked a little disappointed, “No, not yet.”

Then she perked up, “But daddy said if I practice every day, I will master it is no time!”

“That’s great, Sweetie. I guess you need to get back to practicing then.”

As if suddenly realizing she forgot to turn off the stove, her daughter jumped up off her bed and announce, “The Storm!” before running back to her bed and positioning herself under the covers ready to activate the magic.

While her daughter went off to battle the storm in the Bermuda Triangle, she sat there in the rocking chair watching her daughter. After a will, they both peacefully nodded off to sleep with triumphant smiles stretched across their faces.


Copyright May 2018

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