What Eases Pain?

rain 2

As I sit here lacking sleep,
My cat rests silently without a peep.
The work day is done,
And I have had my share of fun.

My eyes are heavy, I want to rest,
For hours and hours, I have tried my best,
To turn my brain off so I can sleep,
I long for a slumber, oh so deep.

Thoughts come rushing through my mind,
An end is something I can never find.
I close my eyes and the images appear,
But wait, then suddenly I hear.

I hear the soft note of the dripping rain,
That falls from the sky to ease my pain.
As I sit here longing to slumber,
I begin to give each raindrop a number.

As I lay here in my bed,
With so many thoughts running through my head.
I simply stop, listen to the rain!
The rain will always ease my pain.


Copyright September 2016

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