Damaged Goods


One day, Kody was walking through a local shop in search of the perfect coffee cup. As a picky drinker, only the perfect cup was suitable for his coffee that he worked so hard to roast to perfection. He had spent every weekend, for as long as he could remember, searching and he was close to the point of giving up.

This particular day, Kody decided to give the search a break and just walk around the shops. While he was looking through the local Good Will, he saw clothes from the 80s, furniture that looked like it has been sitting in his grandma’s attic and a bunch of ridiculous books that no one with half a brain would even think about reading.

As he was walking out the door, he glanced at the glass display case that doubled as the checkout counter and a beautiful white and blue coffee mug caught his attention. In that moment, he knew that was the one. He went over to the cashier and told her that he wanted to purchase the mug.

She picked up the mug and turn it around and set it on the counter. To Kody’s dismay, the handle of his perfect coffee mug was sitting inside the mug, for it’s previous owner had left it broken and in pieces.

Like so many before, Kody had a choice. He could change his mind and continue his search for a better mug, a mug that hadn’t been damaged. Or, he could still purchase the “not-so-perfect” perfect mug.

Kody stood there and thought about it, only when the cashier asked him if he still wanted it, did he remember that he had to speak up, or at least walk out the door.

With a smile on his face, Kody told the cashier that he wanted the mug. She asked him what he was going to do with a broken mug and to that, he replied, “to most people, this mug is nothing more than another damaged good, but to the right person, this mug is only a little tender love and care away from being the perfect coffee mug.”

The same is true about people. Life is tough. Those who truly live life, are often cracked, scarred, and broken. Most people look at those who are severely damaged and think, “damaged goods”. In reality, just like the coffee mug, it just takes the right person to come in and be able to look beyond the damage. To see the possibilities of recovery and healing that come with a little tender love and care.


Copyright January 2017

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