The Brave Little Mouse


There once was a great horned owl who would sit in old oak tree for hours and hours and watch the field mice scampering around in search of food. As the mice would frolic and play, the owl would simply sleep the day away. As the sun began to set, the mice would go to bed and the owl would wake, ready for something to eat. One night while the owl was out hunting for his breakfast, he spotted a mouse but this mouse was different. He didn’t look like the other field mice for he had a bright orange tail which made him very easy to spot at night, even in dark.

The owl began to watch the mouse, and he became very curious as to why the mouse was not in his house sleeping. The owl thought about it and decided he would play a game with the mouse, just to see if he could scare him. The owl flew swiftly down to the field where the mouse was and let out a sudden screech, a screech so loud that it sounded like the horn of a great ship. Then the owl watched but the mouse didn’t react, the mouse just continued about his business like nothing had happened. The owl tried again to scare the mouse but nothing happen, he didn’t respond.

So, the owl flew down to the mouse and rested on a fallen tree right in front of where the mouse was working. He shouted at the mouse, “Why aren’t you afraid of me?” and the mouse stopped working and looked at the great horned owl and simply smiled and said, “Is living life in fear, really living at all? I choose to live life without fear, no matter how short life may be.”


Copyright September 2016

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